GymIt's 2nd Annual Heroes Initiative

Through our GymIt Heroes initiative, it is our goal to shed light on the many remarkable local heroes of Boston. We hope to inspire new heroes to rise up and better this incredible city that we all call home.

As a family-run and Boston-born business, we at GymIt have heard countless stories of our members inspiring and bettering the city of Boston. With this in mind, we ask that you to join us in our 2nd Annual GymIt Heroes Campaign!

Last year we were able to donate $500 to the Brookline Teen Center, and named our very first GymIt Hero, Paul Epstein! This year, we are looking to name our 2nd GymIt Hero and make an even larger donation to a local charity. But, we need your help!

How Can I Help?
1. Help Us Nominate a Gymit Hero

A GymIt Hero could be anyone local to the Boston area that has greatly contributed to a charitable cause, or has performed a good deed that has impacted the lives of others. While we encourage you to nominate fellow GymIt members, anyone living in or around the Boston area is eligible.

Nominations will be accepted through the end of March, and the winner will be selected by the GymIt staff. The winner will receive the following prizes:

  • A 1-Year VIP Membership
  • 10 Pack of 1-Hour Personal Training Sessions
  • And most importantly, an epic donation to a local charity of their choice!
Nominate My Hero!
2. Make a donation

100% of proceeds will go to the local charity selected by the GymIt Hero and our team!

Last year, GymIt made a donation of $500 to the Brookline Teen Center through our 1st Annual GymIt Heroes Campaign. This year, we are looking to step our game WAY up! Beginning immediately, we will be collecting donations from both our members and our community to grow our charitable contribution. We are thrilled to get the ball rolling by donating $500 to the cause!

Make A Donation!

Wait, wait, wait! We’re not done yet. For every $100 that GymIt Heroes raises, we will donate one 1yr VIP membership to a Bostonian in need!

Register My Hero