GymIT Policies

Cancellation Policy

You may cancel your membership at anytime (without pretending to move to Alaska) by visiting the club location where you initially joined and completing a cancellation form with our staff. As per your membership agreement, all cancellations take 1 full month to process. Please note that you will be billed for the month in which you cancel plus one additional month, in which you may use all the services included with your membership. If your annual maintenance fee is scheduled to be billed during the final month your membership is active, it will also be included in your last payment, in addition to any past due balances that may apply.

If it is inconvenient for you to stop into the club, you may also cancel by mailing a certified letter stating your intent to cancel to:

GymIt Billing
137 Newbury Street
Floor 5
Boston, MA 02116

Why do we require these steps? GymIt works with an outside billing company that requires 1 month to process any membership changes. In addition, to ensure your cancellation is processed correctly, we must have written documentation of the change request with your signature of approval. When you come into the club to cancel, you will receive a copy of the cancellation form for your records. Similarly, by sending a certified letter, you will receive confirmation that GymIt received the letter, and have confidence that your request was processed.

Maintenance Fee

We do our best to give you more gym for your money. To help us do this, GymIt members are charged an annual maintenance fee of $39 on their 3rd billing and annually on that date each of the following years that you are still a member. The maintenance fee helps us ensure that we are constantly improving our equipment and facilities, as well as keeping your experience consistent. If your annual maintenance fee is scheduled to be billed during the final month your membership is active, it will also be included in your last payment.

Why don’t you just raise our rates by $3.25/mo? We think it is important to allow members to use the gym for a few months before they are assessed the maintenance fee. By allowing you to try us out before being charged the maintenance fee, you are sure that the gym is a good fit, and that we are doing our part to have earned the fee.

Changes to your Account

Unfortunately our Credit card processor does not allow us to make any changes to your account within 5 days of our billing cycle. This means that any changes to your account (cancels, freezes, credit card updates, etc) made during the 15th and 19th of the month will not go into effect until after the billing takes place on the 20th. Please plan accordingly!


Traveling for work or pleasure? Heading south for the winter? Well, remember you can freeze your membership for up to 90 days in a year (based on your membership date in 30 day chunks). During that time, we’ll only charge you $5 a month instead of your usual fee. If you have a medical reason you can’t workout, just bring us (in person or via email) a doctor’s note and we will freeze your account with no fee (we’ll still do it without a note, but that will be at the standard freeze rate). All Freeze requests must be done in writing by contacting us here.


Hey, you pay into your health insurance; you might as well get something back. Many insurance companies will reimburse you for your health club membership. Check with your benefits department or insurance agent to find out how to get some money out of them, then go to to print out your transaction history. You should have received your membership agreement via email when you joined (either in the body or as an attachment), let us know if you need another copy. Here are links for more information on the 3 biggest insurance providers:

Late Payment Fees

If your monthly payment does not process for any reason, and it is not paid prior to the next billing, we do assess a $10 late payment fee on your account. Please update your billing info by going to or calling our billing office at 617-778-0544.

Updating your Info

You can update your billing and other information at any time at the front desk or by visiting or calling our billing office at 617-778-0544. If your card changes, save yourself some $ and change it before getting late fees. Please, NEVER send us billing information by email!