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We offer 4 different classes a total of 40 times each week. Check out the schedule for your club!

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Chisel your midsection while improving your flexibility and range of motion.


We’re in Boston, let’s get rowing! Rowing is low-impact and an incredibly effective way to torch unwanted calories.


Developed by the Heartbreak Hill Running Company, this full body treadmill workout is designed to make you a better and stronger runner.


A creative mixture of strength training, bodyweight exercises, and functional movements geared to shred and sculpt your body.


BOXFIIT™ boxing fitness classes are designed to unleash the inner fighter in each of us, building confidence and self-esteem while yielding maximum physical results.

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“Outstanding services, clean environment, fair prices. Fulfills all my needs as a gym and more. I always look forward to my next visit to work out. As a member, I highly recommend that anyone looking for a new gym join!!!!” – Anthony D.

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“Gymit is awesome. Clean, friendly staff and solid equipment.” – Jimmy M. Yelp Review.

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“Love Gymit. Great friendly staff. Good place to workout.” – Jeremy G. Yelp Reviewer

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“Love it! Convenient location, new equipment, friendly staff, free parking, affordable membership!! What else you need for good workout!!” – Zakh Sokolovskiy Facebook Reviewer

Whether you've fallen victim to multiple gym fails in your lifetime, or you've simply been a captivated witness to someone else's embarrassing slip-up...
Jul 12, 2016 by Selena R.
Doing a face-plant and getting intimate with a treadmill when it abruptly cuts off mid-stride- that's what I call "pulling a Penny." The term honors m...
May 4, 2016 by GymIt
  Watch any of the Rocky movies and you'll come to at least one scene where Rocky is told to keep his feet moving (usually followed by a scene wh...
Jun 16, 2016 by David W.

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