Our Elite Recovery Lounge is available to our Elite Members with unlimited access. Available at both clubs, boost your post-workout recovery with our new CryoLounge and HydroMassage beds.


Great for post-workout recovery and feels great on sore muscles and minor aches & pains in only 15-minute sessions.

  • Provides a unique, ‘comfortable cold’ experience. Unlike gas cryotherapy and ice baths, CryoLounge+ offers the benefits of cold and heat without any hassles or discomfort
  • With six thermal pads, CryoLounge+ delivers targeted cold to specific muscle groups (lower back, hamstrings, etc.), and heat in other areas to help offset the cold
  • The Leg Compression feature offers a calf massage for additional muscle recovery
  • Eliminates the hassle of ice packs, cold tubs, or cold/heat pads


We’ve invested in HydroMassage because we know how important recovery is to your overall fitness plan. At our club, we’re advocates for a balanced approach to fitness which includes hard work, but also treating your body well by getting the right nutrition, enough rest, and recovering properly.

  • Post workout cooldown
  • Stress relief
  • Helps with soreness and tension

You can upgrade your membership on the Member Portal or your GymIt Fitness App. To learn how to upgrade on the App, click here.