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All Fitness Levels

Chisel your midsection while improving your flexibility and range of motion. Through an engaging blend of standard yoga and pilates moves, you will work to build a stronger core and lower back. If you are looking to take your own personal workouts to the next level, this is the class for you!


All Fitness Levels

We’re in Boston, let’s get rowing! Rowing is low-impact and an incredibly effective way to torch unwanted calories. This unique workout is led on our Concept 2 Rowers and allows for people of all fitness levels to get in on this intense workout.


Intermediate Fitness Levels

Developed by the Heartbreak Hill Running Company, this full body treadmill workout is designed to make you a better and stronger runner. A progressive program that is approachable for a first timer, yet can be challenging for even the most seasoned runners.

GymIT Bootcamp

Advanced Fitness Levels

Interval training at its best. A creative mixture of strength training, bodyweight exercises, and functional movements geared to shred and sculpt your body.


All Fitness Levels

GymIt Watertown features a state-of-the-art boxing studio by EverybodyFights® with over 30 BAG classes per week, highlighting the patented training technique created by George Foreman III himself.

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